Manual Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems II

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This volume contains the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems, held from May.
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The methods presented in this article integrate 2 innovative ILD analytic techniques: functional data analysis and dynamical systems modeling.

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An empirical application is presented using data from a smoking cessation clinical trial. Study participants provided 42 daily assessments of pre-quit and post-quit withdrawal symptoms.

Complex Analysis in Dynamical Systems

Regression splines were used to approximate smooth functions of craving and negative affect and to estimate the variables' derivatives for each participant. We then modeled the dynamics of nicotine craving using standard input-output dynamical systems models. These models provide a more detailed characterization of the post-quit craving process than do traditional longitudinal models, including information regarding the type, magnitude, and speed of the response to an input.

Dynamical Systems

This international event will be the seventh in the popular series of conferences on Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems. The presentations at the conference will range from plenary lectures describing recent breakthrough results in Complex Analysis, Dynamical Systems, and Mathematical Physics, in a form accessible to advanced graduate students and young researchers, to more specialized talks on focused research topics.

go here Supporting the travel of young researchers and graduate students to such a conference where scientists from North and South America, Europe and Asia, old and young, prominent and just beginning, are spending all their waking hours together in an inspiring and congenial environment will, as it has done in the past, inspire many beginning researchers, including minorities and members from underrepresented groups.

The topics chosen for Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems VII are exciting and currently emerging themes on the borderline between mathematics and physics. Areas of research of the plenary speakers include: 1 Study of localization of eigen modes of elliptic operators, which unites deep results in geometric measure theory and harmonic analysis with modern applications to quantum physics, noise abatement walls, LEDs, and optical devices; 2 research in harmonic analysis particularly as connected to applications in medical imaging; 3 research in symplectic geometry that is nowadays the mathematical basis for a great many directions in physics; 4 general relativity; and 5 applications of the tools of complex analysis, which have given a new line of attack on some of the classical problems in physics, such as Hele-Shaw flows, gravitational lensing, Laplacian growth, and investigation of Coulomb gases.

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